Bedding Inspiration

We like to keep our display beds in the shop ever-changing. This helps us to stay creative so that we can offer you fresh ideas on creating a dream bed of your own.  Here is what we have in store now and we hope that it inspires you to add an accent pillow or throw blanket, or even change your whole color scheme!

This might be one of our favorite color schemes right now. The deep rich blue with pops of grey and sand mixed in can be dressed up or down. We’ve added layers of textures and patterns, from velvet and linen to woven silk, to turn a palette of classic colors into a bed that looks current and sophisticated.

1 Grey Navy Sand

2 Geometric patterns mixed with Organic

This bed is a feast of colors and patterns. By using a neutral base of white for our coverlet the bright punches of aqua take center stage. This mix of fun patterns keeps this ensemble light, airy and youthful.

4 Watercolor Print

A monochromatic color scheme and minimal decorative shams and pillows help create a modern look in your bedroom. The touch of peach and lace soften this more masculine look. The addition of textured throws and the beaded pillow make it anything but boring.

5 Grey Purple Texture Rose Accent 6 Lavender Animal Print Velvet Pillow

7 Ann Gish Frost

 Ann Gish’s classic frost blue paired with a soft ivory is a soothing bedroom choice. Luxurious touches of silk charmeuse add some glam while the addition of a bright pink pillow keeps it from being too serious.

8 Ann Gish Frost

Comment and let us know how you are dressing your bed for the season!


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