Getting to know Feather Your Nest: Cameron

Today, we meet Cameron!


How long have you been at the shop and what is your favorite part of working here?

I have been at Feather Your Nest for over 3 years. I really enjoy the visual merchandising aspect so I love putting together new displays and display beds. It fulfills the creative side of me.

What is your design aesthetic best described as?

I am inspired by California style, so traditional but eclectic at the same time. I love to mix in antiques and organic textures.

Designers Peter Dunham, Micheal S. Smith and Rose Tarlow are great examples of this but each with their own interpretation. Of course everything in my house has to be practical though with two pets!

Currently, what is your favorite item in the store and why?

I love the Lauren LaChance framed botanicals. I even purchased some for my own home! They are classic and elegant but also versatile.

What are you looking forward to for the holidays?

Being able to fly home and spend the holidays with my family in Illinois. And the yummy food and cookies of course!

Cameron’s Pick: Lauren LaChance Framed Botanicals

Botanical Prints


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