Getting to know Feather Your Nest: Kelli

Meet Kelli!


How long have you been at the shop and what is your favorite part of working here?

Over 5 years. I really love my coworkers, I stay in touch with a lot of former feather employees too. I also enjoy getting to combine my love of design with my love of working with people, I’m not a sit behind a desk person.  It’s easy to stay active, creative and inspired in this environment.

What is your design aesthetic best described as?

I read a lot of Scandinavian blogs because I appreciate a clean and less fussy aesthetic. But at the same time I like spaces with a history that feel relaxed and lived-in, imperfect. That’s really the definition of effortlessly chic to me. I won’t own anything that I’m afraid to use, I have a lot of family heirlooms and flea market finds full of dings that make me feel happy and comfy in my home.

Currently, what is your favorite item in the store and why?

I love the new Cocoon Lights from Michael Aram. They are unlike anything I have ever seen (which is hard to find working in retail) really they look like a piece of hanging sculptural art.

What are you looking forward to for the holidays?

I enjoy the energy at the shop during the holidays. I am also looking forward to all of the indulgent gift items we get it, I’m especially excited about these fun cashmere pom pom slippers in bright pops of color that will be here in time for gift giving season.

Kelli’s Pick: Michael Aram Cocoon Chandeliers 

Michael Aram Cocoon


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