Spilling our Secrets: Sheet Care

High Quality Sheets are an investment in a good night’s sleep. Therefore, a little extra care will let you enjoy your investment for years to come. A nice sheet, whether it’s Linen, Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton or Bamboo should last anywhere from seven to ten years and sometimes longer depending on the care given and amount of use. I like to give customers a rule of thumb by saying “everything in moderation”, which means a mild detergent, wash in nothing hotter than warm, and dry on a moderate heat.

A mild detergent is going to rule out most grocery store detergents such as Tide, All, Cheer etc.., even the ones that say Cheer Free or something similar are still considered a harsh detergent. Harsh detergents can cut the life of your sheet in half by weakening the fibers which causes holes or tears along the seams. The mild detergent that we carry in our shop (and my personal favorite) is The Laundress. Aside from the fact that their signature scent smells like the very definition of fresh, clean sheets! It’s non-toxic, phosphate and dye-free, biodegradable and made in the USA. Even our best-selling bedding line, Bella Notte Linens, uses The Laundress to test the washability of their fabrics. Other mild detergents include: Seventh Generation, Dreft (which can be purchased at most grocery stores) and Caldrea. Most of these detergents are highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed per load.


The settings that you wash your bedding on also make a big difference. Cold or warm water is good, also be sure not to over dry! Over drying will make the fibers brittle and cause them to break, which will also cause holes or tears along the seams.

If you take care of your sheets, they will take care of you and provide you with years of comfort. Visit Feather Your Nest to explore the full line of The Laundress products and find your perfect set of sheets!

Secret Spilled by: Kelli




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