Very Merry!

From quilted advent calendars to cheery Christmas dinnerware we have you covered for Christmas decor! We especially love the beautiful metalwork angels for table tops and more. Come by the store and stock up on all your favorites and let us know how we can help you decorate for the season!
Feather Your Nest Christmas01Feather Your Nest Christmas02Feather Your Nest Christmas04Feather Your Nest Christmas03Feather Your Nest Christmas05Feather Your Nest Christmas06Feather Your Nest Christmas07Feather Your Nest Christmas08Feather Your Nest Christmas09Feather Your Nest Christmas10Feather Your Nest Christmas11Feather Your Nest Christmas12Feather Your Nest Christmas13Feather Your Nest Christmas14Feather Your Nest Christmas15Feather Your Nest Christmas17Feather Your Nest Christmas16Feather Your Nest Christmas18Feather Your Nest Christmas19Feather Your Nest Christmas20Feather Your Nest Christmas21


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