Winter Layering For Your Bed

They say winter is the time for layering in fashion and we say the same for your bedding. Specifically we are talking about blankets. Sheets and coverlets may cut it for the warmer months, but when things are as cold as they have been lately, it’s nice to add that extra layer for comfort. We are highlighting our two best sellers and the blankets we recommend most to our customers.

First, we would like to talk about the Matouk “Dream Modal” blanket. The bamboo woven cotton is truly the softest blanket we have. It comes in four colors– charcoal (pictured), cream (pictured), flax and light grey. What we love about this blanket is that the breathable cotton gives it a lighter feel, but it still has a nice luxurious presence.

Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-1 Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-2 Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-3 Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-4

Next, we have the Peacock Alley “All Seasons Blanket”. This remarkably plush and velvety blanket is woven from combed cotton and finished with a textured binding. It is also a great price point starting at $150 for twin bedding. Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-6 Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-8 Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-9

We couldn’t resist a nice faux fur at the end of your bed. What says both comfort and style better? Stay warm, nesters!
Feather Your Nest | Winter Layering-11



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