Oh Baby!

Our very own Kelli is expecting her baby girl this month! She rounded up some of her favorites from the new baby inventory.

Petite Bateau is all about high quality materials and comfort. Plus these designs couldn’t be more adorable. Feather Your Nest | Baby_-2 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-3 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-4 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-5 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-6 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-7 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-8 Feather Your Nest | Baby_-9
Feather Your Nest | Baby_Feather Your Nest | Baby_-11Offspring is colorful cuteness at a great price point. Feather Your Nest | Baby_-13
Feather Your Nest | Baby_-16And this book! Feather Your Nest | Baby_-12


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