Wedding Season

Spring wedding season is upon us! Whether you’re a bride looking for a place to register, a wedding guest shopping for a special gift or the mother of the bride searching for a perfect heirloom– we’ve got you covered! Visit the shop for more wedding inspiration and talk with us about how you can register at Feather Your Nest.

Michael Aram is always an answer when it comes to weddings– beautiful and sophisticated collections to complete any new home.  Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry-2 Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry-3 Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry-4 Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry-5 Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry

Weddings are the perfect time for a monogram. Establishing a new life together and a new name! Matouk boasts luxury and versatility in their designs. We love the relief-embossed, single letter monogram as well as the vintage linen with the scroll letter.Feather Your Nest | Wedding Registry-2-2IMG_1199




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