Brand Love: Petit Bateau

It’s that time again where we just have to spill on one of our favorite brands. Petit Bateau is not only the definition of quality in baby wear, it also boasts timeless designs that are fresh, adorable and fun. Little known fact, this brand has been making beautiful clothing in Troyes, France for 120 years. Another note for mamas of sensitive skin babies– this is a leading brand in creating safe, risk-free clothing for the most sensitive of skin (non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic, and non-toxic). Not to mention oh so cute!


feather your nest | baby 1
feather your nest | baby 2 feather your nest | baby 3 feather your nest | baby 4 feather your nest | baby 5

What else does your baby need except Manny and Simon wooden push toys? How sweet are these. feather your nest | baby 6 feather your nest | baby 7 feather your nest | baby 8

We also have new squirties in. Bath time! feather your nest | baby 9 feather your nest | baby 10


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